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By Sherri A. Affrunti & Madeleine Gale

A “Berry – Fun” Way of Recycling Berry Containers

We all enjoy the time of year when fresh berries are in season. Strawberries and blueberries are in season and we just can’t get enough of them. These delicious berries often come in a plastic container that winds up being quickly tossed into the recycling bin. Not so fast! There are some uses to upcycle and reuse these containers. And the best part is there is no extra cost!

For the crafters out there, one of the easiest ways to store and use your ribbons is with these plastic containers. The cut-outs allow you to feed your ribbon through the holes, keeping the tangling to a minimum. This goes for the knitters out there also. Easily store your yarn in these containers. You can feed your yarn through the holes which help with tangling and makes it easier to knit. They are easily stackable and you don’t have to open them to see what’s inside. They are completely transparent.

For the parents and child caretakers, these containers are super cost efficient. Why waste your money buying plastic storage containers when you can recycle and reuse what you already have? These containers are a great alternative. You can corral and store your crayons, chalk, markers, colored pencils, legos, and any other small toys or accessories. And once again, there’s no guessing or labeling. Your kids can see what they want or need just by looking at the container.

These are only a few ideas on how to recycle these containers. Usage ideas are endless – you can store random cords and cables, store other craft supplies (such as pom poms or sticker sheets), store bathroom supplies (such as cotton balls or cotton swabs), use them in the kitchen to gather and store small lids or other small items, stash them in your desk to bring order to your office supplies, and use them in coolers or lunch boxes to protect snacks and sandwiches from getting squished. You can also bring them with you to a pick-your-own farm, gather herbs in them from your garden, or take them to a local farmers’ market (either offering them back to the farmers for reuse, or swapping their containers for your used ones to bring your fresh goods home!). And, you can use them to gift cookies, muffins and other sweets to your friends and family! The list of potential uses goes on and on ….

No matter how you decide to reuse and repurpose your plastic fruit containers, you will find them versatile, will save money, and will help to protect the environment.

Happy recycling!


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