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Newtown Grant Pool News!

The Newtown Grant pool will be opening this Memorial Day Weekend and weekends thereafter. Full weekday opening will be announced upon the determination of the last day of the Council Rock school year.

Last year key fobs (Fob) were issued to residents for scanning and access to the pool. If you obtained a Fob last year, it remains active so long as you continue to be a resident of Newtown Grant, therefore a new Fob is not necessary this year. The Fob of any former residents of Newtown Grant has been deactivated.

If you did not obtain a Fob or you are a new resident of Newtown Grant you will need to obtain a Fob for access to the pool. There is no cost for the initial Fob. Instructions will be forthcoming about when you can visit the clubhouse to obtain your Fob.

Additionally, if you were issued a Fob and you lost, it a new Fob can be issued to you at a cost of $10. Your old Fob will be deactivated.

Pool guidelines are published on the Newtown Grant website ( The guidelines and rules will be updated prior to pool opening to assure their accordance with current CDC or Bucks County Department of Health requirements.

You may contact Property Manager Carol Oliveira or Recreation Managers Sergio and George with any questions:


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