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67 Thanksgiving Recipes

Pull off a legendary Thanksgiving dinner—or just get through the holiday season unscathed—with bon Appetit best recipes for roast turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and more.

Preparing and hosting a literal feast is difficult enough without having to scour the web for Thanksgiving recipes—which is why bon appetit did that work on your behalf. Tragically, we can’t cook the turkey for you, but we can give you everything you need to craft the perfect Thanksgiving dinner menu, with delicious Thanksgiving side dishes your guests will love, like cornbread stuffing fried rice, light and fluffy dinner rolls that are ideal for mopping up our best turkey gravy recipe, and lemony green beans that just might steal the show.

Oh, and did we mention Thanksgiving appetizers that get the party started without ruining what’s to come? Of course, it wouldn’t be a list of the best Thanksgiving recipes if it didn’t feature turkey—like Puerto Rican pavochon rich with the flavors of garlic, cumin, and oregano—so we included a few turkey recipes to ensure that your bird comes out perfect. (Not to mention some inspiration for what to eat in the days after the holiday by way of a few turkey leftover recipes that’ll give more than your average fully loaded sandwich.)

If you’re wondering what to sip throughout the day, we’ve got some top-notch Thanksgiving cocktails. And if you’re pondering what you’ll be eating for breakfast the day after the holiday, there’s no better place to look than our favorite Thanksgiving desserts.


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