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Denim Recycling

We have all been there. We search our closets and find lots of jeans we no longer wear, are no longer in style or no longer fit. What do we do with all of those jeans? We hate to throw them out because, let’s face it, some of those jeans cost us a whole paycheck back in the old days. Well now there are amazing things that can be done with the old denim we don’t wear anymore.

Authentic denim is made from natural, sustainable cotton. This means it can be re-worn, refashioned and ultimately repurposed, creating a truly circular lifestyle. When you recycle these pieces, it does good for the earth by diverting textile waste out of landfills and creating new possibilities for our communities. Long before denim is recycled, it’s harvested in its original state: cotton. From there, the cotton is spun, woven, and prepared for garment manufacturers to craft into denim apparel. Next, denim finds its way to your favorite store. And since it’s made to last, denim has a way of becoming a staple in your wardrobe, protecting and comforting you along your journey. Once it’s worn out, you can continue its purpose by recycling it. Denim can be transformed into new useful products such as building insulation, thermal packaging insulation, pet bed inserts, and more.

You can search the internet for local retailers in your area who collect and recycle denim through regular, periodic programs. A few such retailers are American Eagle, GAP and J. Crew who offer specific dates in which you can drop off your items often in exchange for a coupon toward a new pair or other recycling reward. There is also a program called The Blue Jeans Go Green program that partners with retailers to collect denim to be recycled; programs run periodically and update each year. Find information online at You can also box up your denim jeans (as well as meal delivery insulation liners made from recycled denim) and ship your donations for recycling through the Zappos for Good program. Read more about the program, and print a free shipping label at We can all do our part in making the world a more sustainable environment. So purge those closets, grab that old denim and recycle away!


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