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Green Corner: Recycle your Blue Jeans!

By Sherri A. Affrunti

Spring cleaning your closets?

If you have denim jeans, jackets, skirts, shirts, etc., regardless of condition, you can mail them for free so that they can be recycled into fiber insulation rather than ending up in the landfill! The “Zappos for Good” and “Blue Jeans Go Green” collaborative program provides free shipping labels in unlimited quantities – simply pack, print a label, and drop off the package at any UPS store. Shipments should be limited to 50 lbs. each and all labels and hangers should be removed. Labels can be found at about/zappos-for-good/cottons-blue-jeans-go-green.

Not interested in shipping or looking to purchase new denim? Retailers such as Levi’s, Garage, Industry Standard, Injeanius and JCrew frequently run programs that offer money off towards new items when you donate old denim to their stores – check online through “Blue Jeans Go Green” or in stores for details.



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