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It’s Spring (Cleaning) Time!

Most people find this time of year the best time to refresh, renew and re-organize. With the winter doldrums behind us, many of us will go through our closets, drawers and pantries in order to minimize clutter or simply makeover a room. If that’s the case, we often find ourselves with an abundance of things like well-worn blankets, old towels, throw rugs (without rubber backing) that are getting shabby, and linens we no longer want or need anymore. Rather than throw the items in the trash to sit in a landfill, please consider donating them to your local animal shelter (such as the Bucks County SPCA) or an animal rescue group that can provide them with a second use, while simultaneously helping those organizations and the animals they assist. It’s a win-win!

Non-profit agencies are just that, non-profit. Animal shelters and animal rescue groups often have limited budgets, sometimes outweighed by the costs of items needed to rescue, save and shelter homeless pets. Your unwanted items may help the shelters and rescue groups be able to redirect their funds to other necessary costs (such as veterinarian care expenses) for animals in need.

Most shelters and rescues have websites or other social media posts with “wish lists”. Beyond blankets, towels, and linens, there are many other gently used items that can be donated and put to good use in a shelter or rescue. For instance, some shelters will take clean, gently used toys, unopened food (or opened food depending on the shelter), unused pee pads, leashes, collars, and clean, empty pill containers. Animal rescue groups will often take opened, unexpired dry food and treats, dog coats, unused medicine (that is not expired), open bottles of pet shampoo, and other items such as toys, leashes, collars, pet food bowls, grooming sprays, gently used pet beds, and crates. All these things we often simply throw away can help animals in need, while at the same time extending the use-life of the discarded items (and reducing your own carbon footprint).

If you are interested in donating your used items, you can check the shelter and rescue websites to determine if your items fit their needs. For instance, Bucks County SPCA currently has a post indicating that the shelter is in need of blankets, clean used towels, unopened food, and pet toys. Additionally, you can contact nearby shelters and rescues directly to ask if they can repurpose your donations. And, Dogs & Cats Rule in Newtown is always happy to collect your donations of opened bags of dog food and treats for the rescues with whom the retail store partners.

On behalf of all the animals in need, thank you.


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