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Mailbox Maintenance

Inspect your mailbox every spring and fall season to ensure that it is in good condition. Remember that snow coming from a plow can be extremely heavy causing a mailbox in poor condition to come down. Is your mailbox sturdy? Plastic mailboxes tend to become brittle with age. Make sure that the door on the mailbox is closed tightly, if the door is open or missing then the mailbox may “fold” on impact from the snow.

Is the wooden post straight and in good condition? The township is not responsible for a mailbox that is hit due to it leaning into the roadway. Be aware that an old rotted wooden post can easily break from the impact of snow.

Mailboxes (mainly pertains to single family homes in Newtown Grant) should be located so the face of the mailbox is 6-8 inches back from the edge of the roadway. This is according to USPS guidelines. Newtown Township Public Works suggests that you put them as far as 15 inches back from the road edge.

Did you know that Newtown Township is one of the few Townships that have a reimbursement policy for damaged mailboxes during snow plowing season. Please visit their website at for details and requirements regarding the policy.


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