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Newtown Grant Survey

Check out the survey that we conducted at the end of 2020

Master Association Community Survey Results I want to thank everyone for taking the time to complete the survey that went out on December 12, 2020 via survey monkey. The Board of Directors is carefully reviewing the responses, along with the submitted comments.

We had a total of 507 that responded to the survey and below are the results:

Question 1 – Do you find the Community Website useful?

Yes – 66.01% No – 5.53% I do not use the website – 28.6%

Question 2 – After Reading the Newsletter, do you feel adequately informed about Association Issues?

Yes – 81.53% No – 9.24% I do not read the newsletter – 9.24%

Question 3 – How would you rate the recreational facilities that exist in Newtown Grant?

Good – 64.77% Fair – 28.11% Needs Improvement – 7.13%

Question 4 – If you could choose a new recreational facility in Newtown Grant considering the costs for the involved installation, maintenance and proper insurance coverage required by the Governing Documents, which would you choose?

Pickleball – 22.78% Shuffle Board – 13.21% Bocce Court – 12.53% None – 51.48%

Question 5 – Would you be in favor of making on-line reservations in advance, by using a “sign up genie” for access to the pool in 2021, rather than “first come” as used during the last pool season (if covid restrictions are still in place)?

Yes – 49.90% No – 18.56% No Preference – 31.54%

Question 6 – Would you be in favor of converting one of the existing tennis courts into a pickle ball court?

Yes – 38.00% No – 36.74% Use Temporary Nets – 25.26%


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