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Pool Rules 2022

Membership: The Newtown Grant pool is for Newtown Grant residents, in good standing, and their paid guests (also see Granny Pass and Nanny access). Please enter the pool area through the entry gate next to the clubhouse. Each residents Key FOB must be scanned in the presence of the Pool Gate Attendant before entering the pool area. Any guest(s) that a resident shall bring to the pool will need to be identified and the appropriate guest fee paid. Accepted forms of payment are Venmo and Cash.

  • Junior Pool;

  • Etiquette;

  • Safety;

  • Parking;

  • Guests;

  • Guest fee;

  • Granny Pass;

  • Nanny Access;

  • Shade Pavilions;

  • Clubhouse;

  • Suspension from the pool.

To see all the rules including the areas above, please go to the website at


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