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2023 Newtown Grant Improvement Recap & Highlights:

Below is a year end review to all the improvements made within Newtown Grant as we close out the 2023 year.  More improvements are scheduled to come in 2024 so stay posted!



· Added 3 NEW Pickleball Courts

· Installed 2 NEW Basketball Court Posts and Backboards

· Replenished Mulch at the Outdoor Playground

· Replenished Sand at the Volleyball Court



· Converted both Pools to Salt Water Chlorine Generating System

· Refreshed Landscaping around Pool Perimeter. Trimmed back Trees

· Aerated and Re-seeded Grass within Pool Area.

· New Outdoor Pool Beverage and Snack Machines



· Marigold Drive 1st Island Refresh – replaced the overgrown and dated Junipers with grass to match the back island

· South Drive / Recreation Basin Juniper Removal Landscaping Refresh Project.  Removed Junipers that were dated and overgrown.  Downsizing flower beds.  Save on mulching costs and related labor.

· Removal of Tree overhanging and growing in Tennis Courts and Tennis Court Fencing

· Planted new Eastern Red Bud Trees between Basketball and Tennis Courts



· Lobby and 1st Floor Repainted

· New Clubhouse Lobby Furniture and Décor

· Banquet Room – 1st Phase Repaint Refresh Completed.

· Started Lending Library




· Increased number of paid advertisers



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