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Green Corner: Plant a Tree, or Start Gardening and Composting While at Home.

By Sherri A. Affrunti

We may be just past Earth Day, but you can still support the Earth by planting a tree. Tips for tree planting (and getting the kids involved!) can be found online at https:// Or, donate to the Canopy Project sponsored by the Earth Day Network which works with global partners in reforestation at https://

While you’re home, you might also consider starting a backyard garden (whether in containers or in the ground). Gardening reduces stress, improves physical and mental health, and can help you create your own source of good nourishment! You can also plant flowers for some backyard cheer. Locally, Shady Brook Farm offers curbside pickup right now for its garden center, just order in advance and schedule your pick up online at https:// Area Home Depot stores (and likely other area garden centers) are also providing curbside pick-up for your convenience and safety. Additionally, consider composting your food scraps and yard waste rather than throwing it away to landfills. You can compost everything from fruits, vegetables, coffee grounds, tea bags, to yard related items such as grass clippings, leaves, wood chips, and hair and fur. Composting is beneficial to the soil, reduces the need for chemical fertilizers, reduces landfill emissions, and reduces your own personal carbon footprint. To get started, all you need are three things: some brown organic material (such as leaves, twigs and branches) and some green organic material (such as vegetable scraps, fruit peels, and grass clippings) in equal ratio, plus water. You can find more detailed tips from the EPA for composting at home online at Finally, if you are cleaning out your home office and other papers, but are concerned about how you might safely dispose of documents containing personal information, keep your eye on Titan Shredding’s website. Not only does the site list monthly shredding options at reasonable fees, but there are a number of free events sponsored by state representatives and other organizations that want to help protect the public against identity theft. Limits are typically to 3 standard file or copy boxes, full of paper of any type or color. Various events are currently sponsored for mid-May and June 2020. View the event list online at and check back regularly for updates, additions or schedule changes given the current pandemic. Stay healthy, and be well!


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