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Green Corner Recycling Options for Used Textiles and Holiday Lights

Cleaning out Closets?

Have items that are torn, stained, worn out and otherwise unwearable? Want to keep your discards from hitting the landfill? Please consider donating them to the Hopewell Valley Regional School District’s Clothing & Textile Drive. The school system partners with Spin Green and collects ALL textiles: clothing, blankets, sheets, towels, linens, scarves, scrap fabrics, unmatched socks, shoes, gloves, hats, belts, handbags, pillows and stuffed toys. All items must be dry, but stains and rips are OK. Just drop your donations into a collection bin at one of the nearby six Hopewell Valley schools (Hopewell Elementary, Toll Gate Grammar, Bear Tavern Elementary, Stony Brook Elementary, Timberlane Middle School, and Hopewell Valley Central High School). Items that are reusable are sorted and donated; items that cannot be reused in their present state will be recycled into other products, including carpet padding, insulation, rags and car seat stuffing. For more information, the following is a link to the FAQs for the program:

Animal Shelters

Animal shelters are always willing to take used blankets, pillows, towels, sheets, and the like to keep the animals warm and clean. Consider donating discards of this nature to your local animal shelter (or even towels to your local veterinarian)!

Have broken holiday lights that you don’t know where to recycle?

Mom’s Organic Market is holding its annual Holiday Light Recycling Drive from November 29th until January 31st . Mom’s Organic Markets have nearby locations in Cherry Hill, NJ and Bryn Mawr, PA, as well as Philadelphia. For additional information on this and its other recycling programs, you can view the company’s website at



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