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Hey Newtown Grant! Care to Join the Rotary Movement?

Hi neighbors! The Newtown Rotary Club is rolling out the welcome mat for you—They're on the lookout for individuals ready to dive into a community organization that's creating positive change in Newtown and beyond!

They're a bunch of folks who are passionate about making a difference, embracing fun, and building a stronger community. With 70 years of history, this isn't your typical club—it's a hub of positivity, local impact, and global goodness. They proudly hold the title of the most active volunteers in our county and want YOU to be part of the magic.

What sets your Rotary club apart? Members come together for regular gatherings, delving into community challenges, exchanging inspirational stories, advocating for volunteerism and youth mentorship, supporting organizations in need, and boosting the local economy. While meetings exude a party-like atmosphere, the focus remains on service above self, transforming obstacles into opportunities, and, of course, savoring every moment of fellowship.

This isn't your run-of-the-mill do-gooder crew—your Newtown Rotary Club is a powerhouse of positive energy. Fresh off a year of epic wins—one of the fastest-growing clubs in North America, donations to over 36 nonprofits, 30+ events, three grants, and global impact contributions—Newtown Rotary is a 100% volunteer organization that's on fire.

The crew is diverse, spanning generations and cultures, featuring an awesome NextGen team of young professionals and two High School Interact Clubs at Council Rock North and South. They're not just talking about service; they're living it, embodying the global spirit of Rotary International right here in Newtown. Plus, they've got leadership roles for everyone, regardless of age, promising personal growth and rewarding experiences.

If you're a Newtown Grant resident ready to dive into the fun, swing by any weekly Rotary meeting at the historic Newtown Temperance House at 12:15 p.m. on Wednesdays. Keep an eye on upcoming events at Join your neighbors in volunteer activities and show some virtual love to the club on Facebook. And if you're curious or just want to chat, shoot them a text or call at 215-275-4925.

Your soon-to-be friends at Newtown Rotary can't wait to welcome you into the fold!



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