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Insight into Mom 'n Me Meals

Many of Melissa Kaufman's earliest and fondest memories are of cooking and baking in the kitchen with her mom, Marci Kaufman. A mainly self-taught home cook who also honed her craft through watching and assisting her own grandmother, Marci cultivated a love of food and cooking within her daughter from the time she learned to talk.

Whether it was baking a vanilla bundt cake from scratch or hand chopping a plethora of vegetables for Marci's renowned, "Friendship Soup," Melissa strengthened her bond with her mom and learned how to cook with love and care in the comfort of the Kaufman kitchen.

Years later, seeing a window of opportunity while in the midst of both of their respective career transitions, Marci and Melissa began to "cook up" their own collaborative next moves. Seeing a need in the community and with each of them harboring a personal interest, Mom 'n Me Meals was born in the Summer of 2016. Since then, Marci & Melissa went on to partner with numerous families, couples and individuals interested in enjoying flavorful, nourishing and comforting homemade meals!

With an ability to modify or tailor any recipe according to preferences, allergies or sensitivities, customers of Mom 'n Me Meals are able to enjoy meals with ease. Offering convenient, FREE delivery of meals, Mom 'n Me Meals truly aims to work with each customer to tailor a personalized experience that works best for them and/or their families.

Whether a client already has recipes or meal ideas they'd like prepared or if they prefer to review Mom 'n Meals' vast repertoire of recipes, setting up an initial meet 'n greet is the first step to establishing a friendly and personalized experience. No matter if you'd like one meal prepared once, on occasion or every week, Mom 'n Me Meals can work and adapt to you.

Call or e-mail Mom 'n Me Meals today and Mom 'n Me Meals will get cooking!

Marci & Melissa



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