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Natalie’s Notes - July 2020

Happy Summer Everyone! I hope you are enjoying the warm weather! Management has a few reminders for the community!

Clubhouse and Pool – The Clubhouse will remain closed for the summer due to the Covid Pandemic. No events inside the Clubhouse will be scheduled. Banquet Hall rentals are also cancelled during the summer. We are still updating pool passes. Hours for new pool passes will be Monday – Friday from 1pm – 5pm in the Rec Manager’s office and Saturday and Sunday from 11am – 3pm. Updating passes with the 2020 sticker can be done at the pool reception desk from 12pm – 8pm Monday – Friday or you can see Natalie or Steve from 12pm – 3pm in the upstairs manager’s office. You can also update your pass with a 2020 sticker on Saturday and Sunday from 11am – 7pm.

2020 Pool Season - The pool season started on June 20th and so far, it has been a great start to the season! We had a great turnout for opening weekend and the success continued throughout the week. The Clubhouse Staff, as well as the Home Owner’s Association, are thankful to all of our residents who attended for a fun-filled 2020 Pool Opening! We have only reached maximum capacity 2 times each only for about 15 minutes. (64 residents) Thank you for your continued patience and understanding throughout this week. Friendly reminder that you must wear a mask at the sign-in desk. This is to ensure safety for our workers and residents. Thank you for understanding!

Tennis Courts – The tennis courts are for the enjoyment of Newtown Grant Residents Only! If you experience any problems with non-residents at the tennis court, please contact management at 215-968- 3789.

Pick Up After Your Pet! - Unbeknownst to many, dog poop is more than just a gross an unsightly mess with a penchant for ruining your day (and shoes) – it’s an environmental pollutant and a human health hazard. Dog waste is more than just a gross and unsightly mess. It’s also a breeding ground for infection – especially in dog parks and other areas where dogs frequently gather. Bacteria, worms and other parasites thrive in the waste until it’s cleaned up or washed into the water supply. Giardia, ringworm, roundworm and E. coli are examples of such inhabitants, all of which are commonly found in dog feces and are easily transferable upon contact. When pets become sick, contagions are often times passed through their deposits into their own yard. The longer infected dog waste stays on the ground, the greater a contamination becomes, and when this waste is not picked up, pets have a high risk of catching the infection over and over again. Roundworm, for example, is one of the most common parasites found in dog waste and it can remain infectious in contaminated soil and water for years. The best thing pet owners can do to help keep their furry loved ones healthy and safe is to pick up after them and to do so in a timely manner. (

Tree & Property Maintenance - Please take the time to look at your property. Maintenance of the trees on your property is your responsibility. Prune shrubs off the sidewalks or roadways. Dispose of all debris and foliage properly in accordance with the Township Guidelines. Dumping of grass clippings or trash is NOT permitted in wooded areas or the Common Property. Grass clippings should be cleaned from sidewalks to prevent tripping hazard. Weeds are to be cleaned between driveways and the street in front of your home. Edge sidewalks to allow utilization of full sidewalk and prevent tripping hazards.

Annual Garage Sale – Due to the Covid Pandemic, the Board of Trustees has decided to cancel the Annual Garage Sale this year. Management and the Board of Trustees are evaluating events for the end of the year, pending the status of the pandemic.

Check Out Our Website – Please go to and look at our website! There is a lot of helpful info on the website that you can review. You can also contact Management directly from the website for questions or concerns. Please be sure to include your email address and contact info when submitting a question or concern. Thank you!

Updating Homeowner Contact Info – Did you know that you have access to the Resident Portal to update your contact info? Please take a few minutes to log into with your homeowner account number and check it out! Updating your contact info is important so we can contact you. Thank you for checking this out!


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