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Newtown Grant Recreation Area Tree and Landscaping Improvements

In an effort to keep Newtown Grant looking as the beautiful community that it is, please excuse us as we make landscaping improvements to our recreation area. The existing trees between the tennis court and lower basketball court will be removed, however, we will be replacing those trees with other gorgeous trees that will sit further out from the courts to avoid any future structural issues.

We will also be planting a few trees around the picnic tables located behind the softball field to which will eventually provide shade.

The exterior perimeter of the outdoor pool area will receive a refreshment also. First, the surrounding trees that border the exterior pool perimeter will be lifted and we will also be removing the large juniper bushes that will be replaced by other perennials and landscaping.

Finally, once the new pickleball courts have been completed, new trees and landscaping elements will also be added as well. We thank you for your patience and understanding as these improvements will enhance the beauty of Newtown Grant.


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