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Newtown Grant Snow Removal Reminders

After almost two full winters without an accumulating snow, the National Weather Forecast is predicting accumulating snow for tonight and into tomorrow morning for between 1 - 3 inches.  Below are some friendly reminders regarding snow removal and winter weather policies here at Newtown Grant.  

-All streets within Newtown Grant belong to Newtown Township (except the parking lots at Society Place to which belong to Society Place and the Recreation Area to which belongs to Newtown Grant Master Board).  As such, snow removal for the roads are done by Newtown Township.  Newtown Township will not clear streets until snow fall reaches 2-3 inches.  Township typically will first start with the main roads before clearing the cul-de-sacs. 


-In order to assist the snow removal crew, the township asks owners to keep trash cans off of the streets and to remove vehicles as well.  Vehicles are to be parked in the driveway or, the upper parking lot in the recreation area by the softball field which will be kept cleared and can be used as overflow parking for owners/residents during the storm. Trash cans can be placed curbside once the township has completed snow clearing of the streets. 


-Once the last flake has fallen, the township will complete snow removal from the streets within around 4 hours.  As soon as the township has completed the clearing of the streets, the association will then begin clearing all common sidewalks and areas.


-Owners have 24 hours from when the storm ends per the township to complete individual clearing. Additionally, as a reminder, any unit abutting to the sidewalk, is homeowner responsibility. All snow shall be shoveled from sidewalks.


For cluster specific snow removal questions, please direct them to your respective cluster manager below.


Rob DeGeorge     Estates I, Heather Wood I, Newtown Grant Master Board & Willow Creek/Eagle Trace

Maggie Craig        Estates IV & Raven's View II 

Natalie Dymeck                 Eagles Pointe, Estates II, Fawn Hollow, Heather Wood II, Pheasant Walk & Quail Creek

Laura Bockowski                 Whispering Woods

Ellie Slomine            Society Place

Dave Brague             Raven's View I


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