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Newtown Grant Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament

Thank you to everyone in the Newton Grant Community that participated and watched the Smash tournament. We witnessed some fantastic skills from all competitors on the tournament main stage.

Newtown Grant would like to congratulate our first-place competitor Matthew Mann in Newtown's first ever Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament! Matthew displayed an impressive performance in every round he advanced to, with amazing movements and combination hits, beating some of the toughest competitors in the tournament to reach the final.

In an exciting 5 game series final, the score ended 3-2 to crown Matthew as Champion. Congratulations to Lucas Chiaverini on finishing in second place with a well-deserved final placement spot, as one of the youngest players to compete in the tournament, he swept away players with his strong performance and showed his skills at such a young age. Lucas is a very charismatic person and his father cheered him on from the sidelines!

Another congratulations to George Slifer for finishing in third place! George, a recreational staff member, was very excited to have been a part of this experience and gave it his all! George played in a 3rd place spot game series to earn his bronze medallion!


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