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Recycling Made Simple

Learning how to properly recycle is very important! The following information is provided for you to clip and post as recycling guidance.

Recycling Guidance:

· Only recycle items larger than a credit card; loose bottle caps go in the trash

· Recycled items should be clean and dry

· Do not place your recycling in plastic bags

· Cardboard boxes should be broken down into flat sheets


Items that CAN be recycled:

· Plastic: Milk, food, beverage & laundry detergent containers, with the lids on or off

· Paper: Newspaper, white and colored office paper, junk mail, envelopes, magazines, letters, cardboard, phone books

· Metal cans including aluminum and steel/tin


Items that CANNOT be placed in our residential recycle containers:

· No Styrofoam or polystyrene, including cups, carry out containers or packaging material

· No plastic bags or plastic wrap or plastic utensils

· No paper plates, paper towels, napkins, tissues or crumbled up paper

· No food or liquids

· No paper containers that contained milk or juice (since they are plastic coated)

· No batteries or electronics

· No chemicals or containers that contained chemicals such as oil or paints

· No garbage, diapers, wood or plant materials

· No clothes, shoes, toys, tools, wood or bio-waste such as syringes


Note: The information in this article was taken from the websites of major trash haulers in our area including and



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