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Spring Time - Walk Time

Spring is right around the corner and many of us take this time to start thinking about getting outside, going for walks and burning off some of that winter weight.

Why not include your dog in your outdoor, workout routine? Did you know that walking your dog not only helps him live a longer, happier, less anxious life but it can also help you? Regular Walking lowers blood pressure, improves cardio fitness, leads to stronger muscles and bones, improves balance and decreases stress.

When you are out for your walk, be sure that you have your dog leashed and under control. Make sure that you have an ID tag on the collar. Before allowing your dog to approach other dogs or people, always ask permission. Don’t assume the other dog is friendly or that all people want to be approached by dogs.

Be aware that their are plants and animals in nature that are harmful, poisonous and potentially deadly to dogs. Azaleas, rhododendrons, bluebells, and onion are just a few examples of flowers that are potentially fatal to your dog.

If your dog is difficult to walk and you need tips and tricks reach out to Sit.Stay. to help with leash training. We hope you found these pointers helpful and we look forward to seeing you out and about.

Thanks to Sit. Stay for this article.


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