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The Kindness Project

The Kindness Rock Project is a movement motivating people across the US and now nine

other countries around the world to be happy, to be kind and to connect! Founder, Megan Murphy, was the inspiration behind the concept which began with her random placement of painted natural rocks on the beaches of Cape Cod. Each had been decorated with a word or phrase she hoped would send a positive message that might make an unsuspecting someone smile or potentially even change their perspective on life in a more optimistic and encouraging way.

Today, the Kindness Rock Project continues to evolve with one simple goal of promoting random acts of kindness in cities, towns and other locations across the country and around the world. Newtown Grant HOA would like to implement the idea in our own community. Come enjoy this event filled with love and kindness painting and planting these thoughtful messages throughout Newtown Grant! An event for the whole family to enjoy!

Where: Newtown Grant Club House Banquet Hall

When: Saturday, January 25th @1pm-2:30pm

Cost: Free!


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