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Updated Pool Opening Information

Attention All Newtown Grant Homeowners – June 12, 2020

We are happy to announce that the pool will open on Saturday, June 20th.

At this time, the pool will open for 8-hours a day. On every Saturday and Sunday, the pool will be open from 11 am - 7 pm. On weekdays, the pool will be open from 12 pm to 8 pm.

Pool passes can be updated beginning this Saturday and Sunday (June 13th and June 14th) from 12pm - 5pm at the clubhouse. You can also have your pool pass updated or obtain a new pool pass during the week between 5pm – 9pm. If you have your pool pass from last year and only need a current year sticker, you can have your pool pass updated weekdays between 3pm – 5pm in the Managers offices upstairs in the clubhouse (Natalie and Steve will not be providing new pool passes, only updating current passes during this time period).

To obtain a new or updated pool pass your account must be in good standing with no outstanding amounts due. If you need a new pool pass, please bring proof of address with you (driver's license is acceptable or a utility bill - (junk mail is not acceptable). All residents 18 years old or older will need to sign a COVID-19 liability waiver in order to obtain a new pool pass or have their existing pass updated. Parents will need to sign for minors under the age of 18 and the minor(s) name(s) will be listed on the waiver. A copy of the waiver is available for your review on When obtaining a new pass or updating your pool pass, each person MUST BE PRESENT to sign the waiver. Unfortunately, without a signed waiver we cannot provide you with a new pool pass or a sticker to validate your old pool pass.

Guests are not permitted. ONLY RESIDENTS OF NEWTOWN GRANT ARE PERMITTED AT THIS TIME. The 'Nanny' or 'Granny Passes' are not offered at this time. Any changes to this policy will be sent out via email blast email should the Bucks County Department of Health (BCDH) change their current guidelines.

This season, Rec Managers will have a table set up at the entrance to the pool to update your pool pass from last year (with a sticker). Please allow for social distancing. If you need a new pool pass, you will be directed into the clubhouse to the Rec Manager’s office to have your picture taken. The Rec Managers will be wearing a protective mask, and masks are mandatory when meeting with the Rec Managers. We strongly encourage you to wear your mask if you are waiting in line to have your pass validated. The Clubhouse is only open for pool passes at this time. If you need to meet with any of the managers for any other reason, please call for an appointment.

Hand sanitizer stations will be set up for your use.

Our approval from the BCDH to open the pool includes specific operating requirements. In particular, only 68 people may be in the main pool area at a time (9 in the baby pool). There are many more requirements that we will advise you of before the opening of the pool. Because of the strict limitations on the number of people that can be in the pool area at a time, we will be developing a system to allow the opportunity to enjoy the pool for as many people as possible. This will likely require incremental time periods for use of the pool with required departure times to allow others into the pool. We will communicate the plan before the pool opens.

Newtown Grant is one of the only Homeowner Associations in the area to open their pool. However, in order to open the pool, we have had to implement these and certain other limitations and require the COVID-19 waiver. Should the BCHD revise any of their guidance, we will incorporate the changes into our pool operations plan. We thank you for your ongoing patience throughout this time.

Thank you for your attention in this matter and feel free to contact Management with any questions.


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