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Are You Ready for Cold Weather?

Fall is the time to prepare for winter. Some winterizing can wait, some can’t. Make a list of what needs to be done, and tackle the time-sensitive tasks first. Here’s a simple checklist from the association to help you get a jump on winter.

Indoor Winterizing

  • Examine doors and replace weather-stripping as needed.

  • Examine window caulking and reseal where needed.

  • Examine and repair vents where needed.

  • Clean chimneys and flues.

  • Remove items near heat vents.

  • Place nonskid runners or door mats outside to help keep water, sand and salt out of the house.

Outdoor Winterizing

  • Cut back tree branches and shrubs that hide signs or block light.

  • Examine outdoor handrails and tighten if needed.

  • Turn off electrical breakers for outdoor equipment.

  • Close hose bibs.

  • Clean out gutters and downspouts.

  • Clear yard drains.

  • Spray outdoor locks and hinges with lubricant.

  • Stake driveway and walkway edges that may be difficult to find under deep snow.

Assemble, stockpile or refresh winter supplies:

  • Batteries

  • Candles and matches

  • Ice melt and deicer

  • Sand

  • Snow shovels

  • Generator fuel

  • Antifreeze


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