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The renovation of the Pool/Banquet Room bathrooms has been substantially completed. While there remains certain “punch list” item to be fixed, the 30-year old bathrooms have undergone a functional upgrading and improved appearance to be ready for the next 30-years of use.

The planning for the bathrooms renovation started over two-years ago when the Master Board sought input from local contractors on the scope of the work necessary and ballpark costs. The scope and cost estimates received were “all over the place” because each contractor had a different vision of what was necessary. At this point the Board decided that the scope of work had to be defined to properly assess the ability of any contractor to complete the work and to be able to obtain comparable cost quotes. The Board hired D.W. Smith Associates LLC to develop the specification for the bathrooms renovation and manage the eventual renovation. D.W. Smith brought in the Parallel Architectural group to provide design and ecstatic options. The result was an extremely detailed specification that not only presented the renovated bathrooms new layout, tile, finishes, fixtures and lighting, but included such items as the adhesive to be used when installing the tile, the movement of drains to better clear the floor of water and the alterations to the sinks, showers and toilets to meet ADA requirements.

.The completed specification was offered to five firms determined to be capable of completing the work required. Three firms provided proposals that included time frame to complete, workforce capability and availability and estimated costs. The Board, after reviewing the proposals, accepting input from D.W. Smith and FirstService (regarding prior experience with each firm) accepted the proposal of KPI2. Since this bathroom renovation is a once in 30-year effort, the Board focused on selecting a firm that could complete the renovation timely in accordance with all items included in the specification. This was considered critical in order to validate the warranties obtained on the specified products used in the renovated bathrooms. The KPI2 proposal was also the lowest cost proposed, making the decision somewhat easier. As the punch list items are finished final payment will be made to KPI2. The cost of the bathrooms renovation including a few change orders (to be expected) is approximately $70,000 per bathroom. The final cost, after change orders that increased costs about 5%, still would be the lowest cost of those proposed. So, next time you’re over the clubhouse or at the pool check out the renovated bathrooms. There are few remaining loose ends (door closure devices, window replacement, clothes hangers) that will be completed. The Board hopes you like the renovation, it’s going to be around for the next 30-years.


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